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Busy as a Bee

29th June, 2012 - 10:45am

Well the bees have been keeping me busy these last few weeks. One hive is so full and so buzzy it is just moments, minutes or days before it swarms and I just hope I am here to catch them.
The other hive had a mid spring set back and is much weaker.

If it does swarm it could be in trouble, but I am hoping it will just rebuild its population this year ready to form a new colony next year.
I’m ready anyway.
I’ve just finished building my second Warre Hive and it’s drying off in the greenhouse.

I’ve got four home made hives now, each one cost a fraction of the price of a conventional hive and building your own really connects you to the bees and how the hive works.
The plan is to catch any swarms and add them to the Warre hives. But the best made plans can go awry and after last years’ disaster I’m not counting my bees before they swarm, though the thought of four hives of bees fills my heart with great glee and no I’m not thinking about the honey!

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